1,000,000 years, 1,000 likes: 200-250 (Petr Dub)

201. Thus God demands.

202. God asks you to do what He wants for you.

203. God demands moral purity.

204. God told him he needed a fourth private jet. The preacher asks believers for 54 million to spread his ideas around the world.

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206. God gives and demands love.

207. God asks for the highest sacrifice: to give a son.

208. God demands moral purity – Do you think that a sinful person will enter God’s kingdom?

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212. Have I ever thought about what God is asking of me, or do I just want Him to fulfill my will, my wishes?

213. God demands our trust. You can’t love someone you don’t trust.

214. The God of Vengeance demands blood.

215. Man, you have been told what is good and what God requires of you: only that you observe justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.

216. Come, Spirit of strength, and strengthen our bravery and courage so that we are not afraid of obstacles and with your help we do what God asks of us.

217. And the hardest test of his faith comes – God asks: sacrifice your son to me. He burned him on the sacrificial altar.

218. Jesus answered them: “This is the deed which God requires: that you believe in him whom he has sent.”

219. God first saves his people, as when crossing the Red Sea, and only then asks for their trust and gives them commandments, which are the words of a loving father, as on Mount Sinai.

220. Can God forgive a soul in hell if it asks for mercy? Answer: Hmm, yes. However, there is a “but”. Let’s get this straight – NO SOUL IN HELL CAN BE…

221. Gold must be sacrificed to the calf, whereas God asks of the Israelites above all humility, the ability to admit guilt.

222. Take care as shepherds of God’s flock among you, not under compulsion, but voluntarily, as God asks, not out of low selfishness, but with a zealous willingness, not as lords over those entrusted to you, but be an example to them.

223. The Bible asks us to do this in 1 Timothy 5:3-6.deus vult

224. I guess God wants it that way.- Yes.- Good.

225. However, God wants a man to treat his wife as Christ treats the church – he should honor her.

226. Now God is asking you to realize Him. You can say that taking care of your children is a divine task because God is within them. Who can deny that?

227. We should do the work of our profession conscientiously and honestly, even if the performance does not see us, we should consider it as a service that God asks of us.

228. God asks us to imitate him in love as children imitate their parents.

229. Man wants what is good for God when he lives without mortal sin, and thus wants for God what God himself wants.

230. And so, for that reason, God asks us to be with him always, to be his disciples.

231. Whoever prays for his enemy, because God so wills and commands, will receive a great reward in heaven.

232. God demands justice: The moon will soon be stained with blood.

233. Here we can also hear the Lord’s “do not be afraid,” when God asks us not to be afraid and to have hope in Him alone.

234. For he saw the footprints of a barefoot monk in the snow. It was then that he understood that God was asking something of him, but he did not know what.

235. God probably wants it that way, we tell ourselves virtuously, he must have a reason for it, maybe it’s a test.

236. Then God asks us to live this new life in the conditions of everyday life despite confusion, opposition and worries of all kinds.

237. Whoever God wants to destroy, he first deprives him of his reason.

238: In response to the survey mentioned above, he wonders what sense the answer that God wants to teach him through his wife’s death makes for Chad.

239. Although the first Christians knew that God requires works of faith, today’s Christians mostly believe that attending mass and other church rituals are their sufficient service to God.

240. Whoever wants to fulfill God’s will will know it. Although it is sometimes a process, full of mistakes.

241. God asks all people to submit to Church authority, that is, to obey the Church.

242. Why did God ask such a thing?

243. We know from the Bible that God wants all people to be saved.

244. When God works in a person’s heart, a person wants to come to God.

245. Well, Israel, what does the Lord your God ask of you?

246. Thus God demands· An explosion shook the Vatican.

247. But I must seek what God wants.

248. Deus vult (Latin for “God wills it (so)”) was the spontaneous exclamation of the people after the speech of Pope Urban II. at the Council of Clermont, which in 1095 he announced the First Crusade.

249. 国室山机动 ab 如山如 w 征的可以 ba DO ofwjcenj with heaven to understand what you read and know what God asks of you, and ipo : lu umjnil to yourself, the will of God

250. As God wills, so be it!