Treatment with malaise (Martin Mikolášek)

Peter Dub has managed to pass through studios of René Hábl, Martin Mainer, Peter Veselý and Jiri David during his studies . He studies at Faculty of Fine Arts BUT Brno at Peter Kvíčala‘s studio at present time. The long sequence of tutors logically reflects very different approach to the painting medium. That’s maybe one of the reasons, why Peter Dub recently focuses on research of conventions linked with perception, but also with creation of painting artefact. Painting as a medium is always defined by number of traditional givennesses, which for their stability the author and the viewer somehow stop to perceive or more precisely take them as obvious. What will happen, if we purposely affect some of the painting axioms? What if the painting will loose its regular edges? What if it won’t be hung on the wall? Is the painting still sustainable as art? If I look at Dub’s paintintgs – objects, I think it is. Maybe we can even say, that similar approaches open up a way to primordial purpose of painting as sacralized signing of profane regardless that limits between both of them has definitely top to play any relevant role today.

(Martin Mikolášek, 2007)