Zlin Youth Salon (Václav Mílek)

Creative work is for Peter Dub first of all way of communication for his personal introspection. A hanging painting is a dominant medium for him, although he is open to new media as well, especially in case, where it is more suitable because of pregnancy of formulation. The creation of Peter Dub is very conceptual. The concept isn’t the only thing, however the main one, what reflects in painting of this graduate of Zlin school of art. It is intensive colourfulness and build – up of image space on second place. Although Dub lasts on the presence of certain order in his creations, his technique is spontaneous. His portfolio is formed by relatively various thematic groups. Paintings of more closely indefinable spaces full of characters or symbols are the most characteristic for him, in whitch the limits between objective and abstract is wiped. An element of fantasy plays the fundamental role here, and links anxiety and grotesque in itself. The tragicomedy, how Peter Dub calls it, is according to him characteristic for Czech environment. He will present himself with two paintings reproducing the motive of curtains at Zlin show of young artists. Curtain has the statute of something beautiful in our households, it’s something that separate our homes from the world outside behind the window. The author doesn’t appeal to users of these things, but the target of his critique are designers, artists and even the whole way of artistic activity.

Zlin Youth Salon (Václav Mílek, 2006)