Behind the Painting

Switching the eye between the centre of the composition behind the painting, i.e. on the wall, and the wall around the painting, is a theme in which I have been interested for a long time. The current series works with the disappearance of the centre of the object while retaining the geometric order of circle and its repetition. The mid-section of the painting is removed from the circular format, so that the resulting object stands on the border between painting and its own frame. In this cycle, moreover, I try to create units transferrable to various new formats of working with image as with graphic element. In these formats, regular (fixed) edges alternate with free, intuitively found (soft) shapes. The objects can be flexibly combined with other artistic materials and techniques, or they can directly react to forms of different kinds of architecture. With their shapes they contradict the essence of vertical or horizontal order, they rotate in different fixation points around their own axes and basically serve as a demonstration of absent certainty – the way to correctly adjust a hanging painting.