Deus Vult

“The times in which we live are characterised by the overuse of cultural historical symbols becoming empty phrases. The resulting impulses show that the Christian tradition, which is part of our European identity, is often an nonchalant empty phrase. Petr Dub’s installation processes this moment of emptying cultural patterns related to the theme of masculine conquest of women against the background of medieval chivalric culture.

In addition to paintings, unusually, Petr Dub presents a number of prefabricated, so-called ready-made worksreferring to consumer society. He creates a space for historical and cultural references while looking at the cultural and ideological void we are surrounded by. Visual communication, in which we are inundated with an endless stream of information and visual stimuli, makes it increasingly difficult for us to read meanings and grasp them correctly. Self-identification thus becomes an increasingly complex process and the search for new cultural patterns often leads us down paths of alternative worlds. At the same time, the installation carries an element of escapism that flows through one layer of the part of the objects referring to contemporary aesthetics of seemingly endless fantasy series, larp culture, or neo-romanticism in contemporary art…” (Read more by Lenka Sýkorová – Deus Vult)