17 points

(together with Jana Bernatová, Matej Al-Ali and Tomáš Moravec)

On behalf of the Petrohrad Gallery, the participants of the “Finally Together” exhibition include Matěj Al-Ali and Tomáš Moravec, who invited allied artists Jana Bernartová and Petr Dub. The project entitled “17 Points” thematizes the possibilities of cooperation and limits of installation within a collective exhibition. Its objective was to create an object consisting of four author’s components that were born separately and without the awareness of the shape or size of the others‘ work. The connection piece, which received most points among other proposals in a democratic vote (in our case, it was a double-sided screw), became the material and only formal criterion of connecting the joint artifact on the day of the exhibition opening. (Photo: Petr Dub & Radek Jandera)