White Over

Originally, the exhibition was called White Cub Terror, in which the English term “cube” metamorphosed into a “cub”, marking a cub of a beast. Thence commercial photo wallpapers with motifs of cute animals confronting with a text paraphrase resulting from the discussion forums advocating “rights of the white majority” and the sterility of the gallery space, which has been separated from the attention of ordinary people. The author consciously piles up clichés. On the one hand, the installation derived from the media and advertising (animal cubs, shop window stickers, repetitions), on the other hand from the gallery environment (minimalist void, work with abstract characters, neon sign, etc.) and takes the weight and cyclicity of current communication strategies. Whether we view Dub’s installation as a new impulse in somewhat dull postcolonial discourse, the seclusive gesture of an academician without the need for reflection or as a provocation towards his own rows, it can not be denied its obviousness and lightness (but not superficiality) affecting the fundamental problems of contemporary society or art. The installation is primarily aimed at to indicate the eternal conflict of beauty and the meaning of (a) political art. White Over. (Read more by the curator – Tomáš Knoflíček, here)