Echoes of Entropy (Gallery of Art CRITICS)

(with Matejem Al-Ali and Tomášem Moravec)

protect us from what we want
this is not capitalism

“Clement Greenberg, teacher of Michael Fried, mentioned that in minimalism, “the already stretched canvas exists as a painting, yet not quite successful, since the visual aspect of “non-art” is no longer innovative for painting.”(2) Greenberg also considered delineating its surface as the minimalist condition of the painting. He considers a rectangle as determining for maintaining the painting’s identity provided that the painting is supposed to be viewed as an object. Greenberg associated the minimal painting with the anthropomorphic unity of the “theatrical gestalt”, as a gesture on stage. The painting-object becomes the focus of the situation (spatial installation), which belongs to the viewer perceiving the form, though.” All text “Allusive painting-object, a text of the guided tour of the exhibition entitled Echoes of Entropy”’ by Vlasta Noshiro Čiháková here… (1. – 26. 6. 2011, Gallery of Art Critics)