No. 23-27

(145 x 7 cm, acrylics, canvas, wood, steel)

The numbers 23-27 show two significant moments in my work that are recycling and repetition. I found the material used for the creation of the new presented cycle near my studio in Rybkova street in Brno, where usually illegal junk yard is heaped. I cleaned the construction timber full of nails and tried to make use of its original look as much as possible. In the resulting work there is not only a number of original found pieces, but also their length and basic form disposition. Colour design of the cycle is inspired by the changing tones of the garages and the surface adaptation intends maximally to hide the original nature of garbage. Variability of the group of seven elements in this case offers various type whether it is vertical or horizontal installation and it thematizes the possibility of one´s own permutation.