Palindrome: Repetitive Paintings

In terms of its content, the cycle is defined by the meanings of connected, related and opposite characters. An important element of the series consists of the entropic system, which I perceive as the search for a relationship between the descriptive system and the disorder of information (social features versus art historical interpretation). I am interested in the systems of units connected into new groups, the repetition of the author’s (painter’s) gesture, and the growth of deviations within the entropic arrangement.

The series is a direct continuation of my previous work with the term “palindrome”. A palindrome (or ambigram) is usually a word, phrase, melody or number composition with the capacity to be read in any direction (from right to left or from left to right), while maintaining the same meaning. In general, these are any arrangements or sequences of symbols (e.g. DNA) which can be analysed in their structure back and forth. Painting may also be perceived in a similar manner to the composition of words and mathematical equations. They are always a set of tasks associated with the search for a topic, technological preparation and subsequent creation of a compositional structure (the stroke, layer, correction, and surface treatment). This procedure always takes place, regardless of the content of the message or the selected painting technique. The painting can therefore be seen as a modular system. And if the painting is constructed mechanically, I wonder if it can also be deconstructed mechanically or what means can be used in a similar process.

The current series is inspired in its titles by the song History Repeats Itself by A.O.S., which has been on my mind since 1995, when I first saw Oliver Stone’s film Natural Born Killers.