Vesica Piscis

(The Reframed Cycles - acrylics, oil, canvas, wood, 175 x 270 cm)

The installation for the boardroom of Visualio studio is based on the concrete architectural space. The central motif is the company logo corresponding to the ancient symbol with the Latin name Vesica piscis. Mathematically, it is a symbol of the intersection of two circles of the same diameter. From the ideological viewpoint it is a symbol that has been interpreted differently by different cultures.

The spatial goal was to create a dominant area corresponding to the character of the interior through the format defragmenting the main wall of the room, forming a place with changing light qualities. The result is represented by a system combining two basic geometrical, and in our case a horizontally oriented, shapes – a rectangle and a circle. Divided masses of rectangles and circles create the effect requiring the viewer’s ability to understand the image not only as composition in which individual parts react to each other, but as the whole, referring to Wittgensteinian theme of figure and background. This is often simplistically depicted through cartoons such as “rabbit and duck” when our eye (brain) selects whether you see the foreground, or the background, as the dominant motif – reads the painting as “rabbit, or duck”, despite the fact that from the philosophical point of view we only look at one painting. The part of the selected solution lies primarily in the mutual representation of symbols. The suspension system has latching holes on both sides of verticals, which offers, in numerous installation combinations, the possibility of permutations with hundreds of different solutions.