Amoce (Etcetera ART)

Curator: Marcel Fišer

“The actual theme of the exhibited works is visual perception itself as the de facto most basic condition for the existence of the image in our world. His intellectual approach to art is characterized by the fact that he thoroughly studied the physiology of vision from the impact of the light beam on the retina to the construction of the image of external reality in the relevant part of the brain. The pair of eyes plays the same role in it as our visual memory, so the plastic image in our mind is not a mechanical reflection of reality, but rather its specific reconstruction. Petr Dub challenges this process by presenting us with a dual reality in the form of similar but clearly different diptychs. On the first level, we can perceive his contemporary images as an optical test, an analogy of Rorschach’s tests in the field of visual perception. (Read more by Marcel Fišer here…)