In Medio Stat Virtus

(installation at Gallery Deniska Vitrinka)

Art of unfair competition
It is almost impossible to compete with the view of Denisova Street by means of an artefact. The panorama of a visual mixture consisting of self-built shops, faded pubs and the Museum of Fine Arts, separated from the historical centre of Olomouc by passing tramways, represents, in its everydayness, a spectacle on its own. Exaggerating, one may ask whether this image is an image of the state of our social transformation, a short stop in its course or a sign of the end of post-November hopes?

On condition that perceiving art consists, above all, in the agreement what the signs of art are, what this category represents, and obviously how art should be presented, then the Deniska Showcase is a good example of a guild conspiracy. There are over sixteen years between the “mother-founder” of independent and radical exhibition spaces from the layout perspective, i.e. Holešovice showcase of the “Headless Rider” group, and the Deniska Showcase. It should thus be noted that the danger of the current domestic agreement consists right in the loss of taking risks when searching for original solutions to the detriment of thematising the local situation, closed social habit, or “field-related habit”. At the same time, it is still true that radical aesthetic and judging statements may be acquired and produces as easily as it is possible to repeat the contradiction: THE GOLDEN MEAN.