Beautiful Places, Memories Of The Most Awful Stories

(2010-2014, acrylics, canvas, mixed media, variable size)

Beautiful places, memories of the most awful stories creates a mental map depicting non- existing geographical places connected to the real phenomenon of bankrupt travel agencies and to the ways of its reflection in media.

To mediate information on the end of every other travel agency media do not search for the broader rational reasons causing bankruptcy of travel agencies, however, they concentrate on current emotional level of the problem often using, paradoxically, material illustrating idyllic scenes from exotic regions. Similarly, the elementary nature of travel business, which is built on the sale of virtual experiences not on the provision of physical products, is paradoxically repeated.

Like the media reconstruct social events by their specific manners, it is possible to apply the above mentioned model on certain parameters of contemporary art operation that on the basis of institutional agreement shows representational models of reality to viewers. The symbols that works with referential field out of physical extension of a concrete artwork or gallery space and the quality of the whole experience, is basically conditioned by the knowledge of interpretation apparatus. The gallery situation in its absolute value presents only adjusted reality, not a precise reflection of the real world and the artworks can be considered interpretations of reality or, on the contrary, the reality itself lacking status of artwork.

A similar conflict can be demonstrated on a seeming discrepancy between realistic and abstract painting. While realistic art is inspired by the prerequisite that it reflects our reality more precisely and truthfully than the other art disciplines, the truth is that on the scale leading from a hyperrealistically painted image to a white monochrome not so many discrepancies of the description of the real world could be found. See more…