Together with the transformation of thoughts and matter, the process of artistic creation is also accompanied with the origin of various residual by-products. Apart from artistic artefacts themselves, artists – creators produce a large amount of physical waste, and quite obviously, they pollute our environment in a particular way. The Transformers Cycle serves as an attempt of mine to react to this state and to my own studio operation. Layering acrylate paints and using canvas, I cover scraps and edgings of various boards and wooden frames from my previous artistic work. In the course of the transformation, not only are the materials combines, but the original visual character of the used components is also transformed. The aim of the objects associated with this cycle is to fulfil, as much as possible and through their visual parameters, the term of “a hanging postminimalist painting”. The result is an object transformed into pure geometrical forms, which could be labelled, with some exaggeration, as a sophisticated litter bin whose subsequent possible content remains hidden to the usual viewer: the Transformer.