Petr Dub & Josef Mladějovský: Tabula Rasa Breach (TELEGRAPH Gallery)

Curator: Domenico de Chirico

…The work of both artists Petr Dub and Josef Mladějovský has a common stylistic approach, or rather common expressive elements such as minimal shapes and the overlaying of painting and object. Is it the painting that makes the object or does it stand on the object?

By means of this exhibition, entitled Tabula Rasa Breach, the two artists combine their artistic skills to work on a next step which is represented by the research of both as well as by the intrinsic links between their work as well as the entanglements that result from it until we conceive a common point of reflection that is merely represented by the columns.

And here’s the point where the ambiguity mentioned above, this violation of the tabula rasa, makes its way in the work of the two artists – in this common element of research.
Surely the emptiness, the indistinct persistence of the full and the empty, the violation of the emptiness that remembers all the time what is behind and what is in the front, this white sheet springing from the cyclicality of the objects are evident in the work of Petr Dub, especially in the way he treats the shape and objects resulting from his work: the obsessive form and repeated brushstrokes lead to a state of fusion where the painting becomes the object and the material becomes the form…” (Read more about – Petr Dub & Josef Mladějovský: Tabula Rasa Breach – by Domenico de Chirico here…)