Think Different – Hommage to Jiří Valoch (STUDIO ELEMENT)

Client: TIC Brno
Architects: Ellement
Curator: Marika Kupková
Location: Brno, Czech Republic

It was necessary to intervene in the new space of the cultural and information center in Brno and to revive the space used to coordinate various functions. The premises serve as a conference room, open offices and an information desk at the same time. Their layout, however, is defined not only by the social function, but also by the historical architecture connected with the division of the space by means of a distinctive arched vault. I decided to enter the reconstruction of the Element Architectural Studio in the spirit of Brno’s conceptual tradition. The project “Think different” recycles different corporate slogans making our life “smarter, more efficient and happier” than the normal life is. I wonder if their interpretations and copyrights will change if they appear in a service offering a purely non-profit sector. For me, the text shift is not only intellectually driven provocation, but also the honor of the work of a significant Brno artist and theorist – Jiří Valoch.