White House Facts

The intervention entitled “The Facts about the White House” is framed together by three basic concepts: PLACE, PARTICIPATION, and STATUS.

The main intention of the project is to revive the selected location and expand it with a virtual space going beyond the expected physical and temporary format of the painting. The planned painting is not only “applied art” or a new design in the selected location, but above all a newly established platform for the purpose of public interaction. To this end, an initiation questionnaire survey will be conducted in order to monitor the attitudes of the citizens of Brno, while the data collected will become a template for the subsequent painting.

The survey questions are based on the principles of the pyramid of human needs, the diversity of ideological and political orientations, the perception of the context of the city of Brno on a global scale, and sociological otherness. The goals of the statistics are not scientific, but mainly to break out of the everyday reality and seek public engagement. The Facts about the White House are not facts exclusively concerning the selected place, but about each of its users, whether actual or potential.

The author’s project forms part of the final round of the Our Space – The White House competition organised by CCEA MOBA with the support of Bloomberg Philanthropies.