The Legend of St. John Nepomuk

(Gallery Brno, CZ / The Unframed Cycles - acrylic, nails, canvas)

In the distance of several tens of minutes from Brno, on top of Zelená Hora, there is an absolute building designed by Jan Santini Aichel, Baroque architect. Its leitmotiv is homage to the figure and story of Jan Nepomucký. Apart from Santini’s architectural talent, the outer star-shaped floor plan is filled with not only the assignment to build a pilgrimage church as laid by Václav Vejmula, historical investor, but also with the author’s incredible sense of humour. A short distance further, there is a skull-shaped cemetery, while the arches in the church stick out to the space unfinished and the ceiling is decorated with a carving in the shape of a little space rocket flying into eternity: an abstract representation of language.