On The Right And On The Left Side From The Center

(acrylics, synthetic varnish, canvas)

The series is based on the effort to eliminate the visual centerpiece of a picture and seeks to challenge the stereotypical way of thinking about the balance of a square or a rectangle as the optimal formats for an image. Formally, the principle of non-rectangular objects is stratification of variable shapes preventing from the possibility of usual setup balance by their composition. Locking hole on the rear side of objects is created by linking the four opposed and simultaneously outermost points forming the geometric center of the image. During the final installation, however, the angle and the final position of the image on the wall are determined primarily by its weight and the Earth’s gravity, which always mechanically deflects the painting from its optimal installation position. The author´s control is also minimized by the use of car paints creating an impersonal impression of industrial samplers. The cycle is defined by the effort to replace the chemistry of illusions by the mechanics of physics.