(The Unframed Cycles - nails, synthetic color, canvas)

“The thesis of Petr Dub is intended as installation of paintings and with respect to its nature as well as an insight into a studio which can only with difficulty and risk be transformed into the public pace of a gallery. The works are presented in the manner which is rather common for paintings and expected. The paintings have the effect of three dimensional reliefs or objects. They seem to be ready-made and half-finished products produced on the spot and of solely temporary nature. And yet they represent the final form of a painted image. They are transformed into isolated objects which are firstly perceived through their material. The canvases tightened on the smallest number of nails and without blind frames are clearly not a suitable medium for a painting. However, a frameless canvas painted in the above described manner represents an obvious code and an isolated element of a painting – a media which is irreplaceable since it has been crated by a human. Petr Dub via simple elements (monochromatically painted areas, variety of fragments representing painter’s errors and imperfections) creates in the viewer an impression of the smallest possible amount of sacralization and the impression of the joy of painting. His installation triggers an imaginary feeling of closeness and of an encounter with classic art of which only droopy leftovers can be seen – similarly to having a weekend fair balloon burst on you.” (Michal Pěchouček, Unframed – Thesis Assessment, read more…)