1:150 000

(Wagner Foundation, Totovo Selo, RS - nails, canvas, wood)

The work 1:150 000 was created as a site-specific installation at the artistic residence in the Serbian village Totovo Selo, which is located in a very poor region on the border with Hungary and Romania. The local residential studios use spaces of an abandoned primary school in which you can still find a variety of teaching tools including cartographic maps. The distribution of steel nails nailed to the wall follows the line of various geographical arrangements between Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which are on maps from different periods indicated according to current ideas of one side or the other about the claim to a particular territory ruled by the war in the 90´s of the last century. For the ideological framework of the installation the formal processing is also very important. The underlying nails represent high levels of the border zone and the white-painted canvas stands for the surface of a landscape. Blind frames used for the framing of individual fragments mimic the normal format of easel paintings, but their fixation on the wall is in fact permanent. The frame in this case does not fix the format “in a classic way” to its design, but it limits the restricted space.