Big Ambition (PŮDA Gallery)

(guest: Ondřej Kotrč)

Curator: Jiří Ptáček

“Dub’s domain does not lie in the individual work of art itself, but rather their constellations, showcasing not only the relations between the works of art, but also the manner of approaching the venue of their realisation. It seems as if he was attempting to disintegrate all these aspects into small particles so as to be able to use them in a way subverting the codified forms of painting, while making our approach to them uncertain. Yet even Petr Dub’s work demonstrates certain regularities. The most important one seems to be the splendour of his gestures, combined with inconspicuous intervention. He has been using metallic and signal colours, not withdrawing a pop showiness even in the smallest and most ephemeral installations.” Big Ambitions (Jiří Ptáček, 2010). Read more here…