(cans, varnish)

The exhibition focuses on various author’s approaches and possibilities of interpretation of the medium of contemporary painting. By means of the Shallow Project, Petr Dub reflects the production process of his colleague Milan Houser from Brno’s Faculty of Fine Arts, who has been working mainly with pouring varnishes onto the canvas in the last years. In short, it could be said that Petr Dub displays Milan Houser, yet despite the fact that for the period of the exhibition, the Umakart Gallery is filled with artefacts documenting the origins of someone else’s work, the main objective of the exhibition’s author does not lie in the attempt to deny his own authorship or questioning the primary originality of the selected work. Above all, the quotations of Houser’s last year’s “Deeper, deeper” exhibition in the Dvorak Sec Gallery in Prague develop the key ideas of Dub’s work: What is the origin of the contemporary painting? How to present it or what are his and the current interpretation possibilities?