(performance - Kaluž Gallery, Ostrava, 2013)

The Gallery Kaluž is an alternative exhibition space located at Ostrava´s crossroads of Podlahova and Marie Pujmanová streets, which are nearby the local faculty of fine arts. The Gallery Kaluž irregularly presents chosen artists who are more or less coping with the state of water fallen into the hollow between the road and the base of the town park. Therefore, essentially, the Gallery Kaluž is mainly a meeting place than a typical gallery space. The performance called FORE! does fully reflect the state.

The opening ceremony starts with the distribution of „drawing balls“, which are 19 in total, one of them has, unlike the others, a different colour. The participants of the exhibition are instructed not to show the drawn balls to the others, nevertheless, the meaning of the balls is not further explained. The group of visitors is divided in two parts – the left-handed and the right-handed (available golf bag is only for the right-handed). The left-handed become caddies automatically while the rest remain players. The group forms 8 playing pairs. The players are announced that it is played for the „golden brick from the author ´s studio“. Thereafter, two referees are chosen, they are explained the basic rules of the game as follows:

1. The aim of the game is to get one´s drawn (starting) ball from the pile in 
the puddle into the plinth with the number 19 in a „golf“ way.
2. The pair that crosses the border of the playground (park), hit a live person, or causes damages is immediately disqualified.
3. The game is allowed only with the starting ball.
4. When the match starts – the author´s active role ends.