(The Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín - digital paint, wood, canvas, 250 x 570 cm)

“If the fundamentals of our world are freed from the framework which determines its content and meaning, and are to be found outside this world, then it is no longer clear how we are to evaluate various testimonies on the nature of things. The same statement could be understood as either true, or false. Concepts of the world essence, or any universals, can in the end be nothing but false interpretations of existence, based on the idealistic illusion that categories of thinking are not conditioned by social, historical, and material context in which they are placed. The same goes for the idea that it is precisely the human activity, human mind, our dreams and desires, which produce the real image of the world. And, after all, the same could be said for the current installation by Petr Dub…” (Read more from the Reality Box? by Petr Agha)