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Petr Dub filled the space of the gallery with darkness and a stroboscope, in the two-second illumination of which the viewer encounters a declaratory text on the largest surface, a fragment of an interview, rendered in a neutral font and large enough to optically fill the gallery. The conversation is clearly fictitious, and the phrase “Yes, but is it art?” gives an impression as if taken from an interview on the topic of an empty art gallery or reflecting whether the aestheticisation of a dialogue on art is art. A work of art is a dialogue between the artist and the viewer. Is thus a dialogue a work of art? Can enquiring about art itself be art? The sentence does not make any unambiguous reference to the object or the situation to which the question relates. In the premises of Gallery D9, with the patronage of the Faculty of Education, someone can appropriate the sentence and ask whether the work of students of the Department of Fine Art Education, which comply with the common idea of art in terms of the format, is art. Petr Dub’s project incidentally offers dozens of questions and, absolutely obviously, a single answer to all questions. If the viewer enters the lower part of the gallery, they will also see the answer, which could be translated into Czech in the sense of “Sure, boomer!” (Read more by the curator Petr Brožka here…)